The importance of getting organized!

Once upon a time I was a very disorganised student. I grew a pile of muddled notes at the side of my bed and became more and more stressed as the pile began to flourish and take over my bedroom.

I learned the hard way that disorganised notes= stress=procrastination=more stress=missed deadlines=even more stress

It’s impossible to study effectively if your notes are not organised.

How can you revise key concepts, consolidate your learning or take your understanding to the next level if your class notes are hidden under a mountain of muddled papers? The answer is that you can’t – at least not easily.

This is what I know for sure. Your teachers will give you handouts that they have painstakingly prepared for you. They will try their best to help you succeed because their livelihood depends on it and also because most people who enter the teaching profession do so because they care about helping students learn and reach their potential. Treat these handouts and course notes well. File them carefully using an actual system rather than just shoving them in your bag to get all scrunched up or just putting them on top of an unorganised pile.

Try to get into the habit of filing your notes at the end of every day or at least at the end of every week.  Being organised doesn’t take much time, you just need to commit to doing a little bit every single day. If you do, you will always know where to find what you need when it is time to study for a test and it is much easier to keep track of any notes that may be missing too if you keep things in good order all of the time.

If you keep all of your notes electronically – again organisation is really important. Be disciplined and keep things in folders and files that are easily accessible. Backup your notes regularly in case your laptop decides to die or store your notes in the cloud if it works for you. Whatever you do- don’t clutter your desktop with masses of files. It can be very stressful to open up your laptop and see hundreds of documents and folders glaring at you so just don’t do it.

Finally my top tip is to organise to music.

I am not a natural organizer and for this reason I find it helps to tackle organisational tasks while doing something that I find more enjoyable like watching TV or listening to music. It is perfectly acceptable to file documents in your folder while you watch your favourite movie whether we are dealing with hard copies or digital copies of your files. Set aside some time, get comfortable and get organized!


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