The 20 minute kick start strategy

Imagine a line of dominoes. They will remain stationary until the first one is given a push. Then providing they have been lined up correctly they will topple over one by one. I find this useful when thinking about any task that needs to be done. It can be hard to get started but once you start and are in motion it is easier to continue. For that reason I find the 20 minute kick start strategy particularly helpful.

Image result for dominoes

You know you have a ton of school work that needs to be done. You have page after page of reading to do and you feel like you are sinking. Thinking about all there is to do is daunting and enough to make most people want to run and hide under a blanket. What you need to do is make all that needs to be accomplished seem more achievable.

Tell yourself you are going to do 20 minutes of work.

Commit to 20 minutes of your best effort. Set an alarm and then start work. After 20 minutes you may find that you are engaged in a task or reading a chapter that you want to finish. If that is the case just keep going. If after 20 minutes you have had enough – walk away. Don’t sit and procrastinate. Don’t pretend that you are working while scrolling through facebook or mindlessly surfing the internet. If after 20 minutes you need a break – go and take a break. Find something else to do that is productive and good for your health and wellness. Then when you feel ready, sit back down and do another 20 minutes. It is as easy as that and remember – small chunks of time combine. 

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