Your best is always good enough

Try and remember that every single person faces obstacles in their life. For some people, their obstacles lie in physical challenges, others struggle when they are required to be creative. Some people fall apart when they are asked to speak in public and some people find academic work more challenging than others. Embrace your obstacles and you will feel the satisfaction that only comes when we stretch ourselves and face challenges. It is time to push yourself out of your comfort zone to be the best version of your student self that you can be.

Sometimes the easy way out is to give up and you need to actively fight against this urge. I know it is strong because I’ve been there. I have been so worried that I wouldn’t achieve the very highest grades that I have decided not to really try and so embarassed that I was finding something too difficult, that I just ignored it and hoped it would disappear.

together (2)

The worst thing you can do as a student (and in life) is to compare yourself to someone else. It doesn’t matter what anybody else achieves. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of students measure their value against that of their peers, never taking into account each other’s strengths and the obstacles faced along the way. Your goal should simply be to know that you have tried your best and if you have, then know that whatever the outcome – it is okay.

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