Snapshot in time task!

Results are in and no doubt the start of the new school year is looming large in your mind. Many of us in addition to our academic teaching loads are also required to be tutor teachers and to build up a pastoral relationship with young people, trying to get to know them and engage with them enough to become mentors to them. In the next few days I am aiming to share some of the strategies I have used so far in my career to help develop these important relationships quickly.

Today I wanted to share this very simple Snapshot in time task that I have used with students from Year 7 through to the Senior year levels in the pastoral context. This is an easy way to start building up a picture of the students in your tutor group and if you store away the completed proformas, it makes for a fun tutor time later in the year too as the students can look back and see how their list of ‘favourites’ has changed. There is a space for students to put a picture of themselves which could also potentially help with learning names if you are going to working with a new group of students this year!

classroom image


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